Getting to Know Your Wheels


While a wheel might seem like a pretty simple part of your vehicle, the shape of modern wheels only came about after a lot of trial and error. While early wheels were made out of many different materials, including wood, modern wheels are primarily made from high-grade steel or alloys of different metals. The strength and weight of a wheel depends heavily on which material they are made from, so be sure to buy the strongest wheels you can if you are going to be hauling a lot of weight or doing a lot of off-roading. If you own a car that you take to the track, alloy wheels are a great way to help you shave off some extra weight.

Let’s learn about the parts of your wheels and then order a new set from HH Rims today! We have a great selection of wheels from some of the most trusted manufacturers on the planet. We’re certain to have a set of wheels that will make your vehicle look and handle great!

The Barrel

The barrel is the large, cylindrical section of each wheel.


The spokes support the barrel to give the wheel strength, as well as being the part of the wheel where the person designing the wheel has the most freedom to do something different and exciting.

The Rim

The rim is the section of your wheel that touches your tire and the rim is where you measure the size of a wheel. For example, if your rim is 18” in diameter, you have an 18” wheel.

Center Bore

The center bore is the hole in the exact center of your wheel and is often covered by a cap that has the manufacturer’s logo on it or is a part of the spoke design.

Wheel Plate

The area around the central bore. See the series of holes in the wheel plate? That is called the bolt circle. The bolt circle is where the lugs go to hold the wheel onto the car.

PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter)

The PCD is the measurement around the bolt circle. This diameter, when combined with the bolt count, gives you the PCD. For example, if there is a wheel with a diameter of 130 mm with 5 bolts, it has a PCD of 5/130.

It is important that you order wheels that are the right size for your SUV, car, or truck. While it is possible to put on a wheel that is larger or smaller than the maker of your vehicle suggests, doing so can have some consequences that may affect your mileage and handling. If you aren’t sure if going up or down a size is a good idea, contact your mechanic or ask anyone in our friendly customer service department.

Now that you know the basic parts of a wheel, you can find a set that will make your SUV, truck, or car look and handle even better than before! Buy from HH Rims & Tires for great prices and excellent customer service!