Rims 101

Here at HH Rims, wheels and rims are what we do and what we know best. We love vehicles and making sure that they get where they need to go functionally and fashionably. However, we know some of you may just be entering the auto world or have been driving for a long time without exploring the in-depth topics of cars, rims, and wheels. The terminology alone can be confusing, much less trying to know how every part of a car or bike works and what you have to do when fixing or replacing pieces. When it comes to your vehicle’s rims and wheels, don’t worry if you’re a little confused, the HH Rims team is here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Today, we’ll take a quick look at what rims are, how they differ from wheels, and what you want to keep in mind for shopping for a new set of rims.

Tire Basics

First of all, you may be wondering what differentiates a rim from a wheel or a tire. Remember this: wheels and tires are not the same, but work together. A wheel holds a tire in place, whereas a tire is the rubber exterior that actually meets the road. With that said, you may be asking where the rims are. Rims are a part of the wheel, though the word “rim” is often used interchangeably with wheel.

Your rims and wheels share real estate, but the rim is essentially the outer part of the wheel where your tires attach and rest. The exterior of the wheel, the piece that would touch the ground if you took the tire off, is the rim. The rims are also the key component when it comes to measuring your rims, as well as determining what tires will fit on your wheels. Because they are the outermost portion of the wheel, that is where the diameter will be measured. Thus, rim and wheel size is measured from the rim.

Many people use the term rims when talking about customized wheels You don’t often hear someone saying they purchased custom wheels, but rather got custom rims. Though it includes the entirety of the wheel, the norm is to simply refer to unique or custom wheels as rims. So, there are several definitions when it comes to rims and numerous different uses of the word, but you now know enough to navigate this corner of the automotive world.

What to Look For in a Set of Rims

When you decide to buy rims, you have to keep several things in mind. Rather than going for the set of rims you think looks the best or has the most unique color, there are more important criteria to consider, including:

  • Sizing: If your vehicle’s wheel well is equipped to handle 18 or 19 inch rims, but you find a set of 22s you really think look good, those extra inches can be more of an obstacle than a spectacle. When shopping for rims and wheels, you have to shop for the car and tires you have, not the rims you want.
  • Style: Some custom car rims and wheels are designed to really stand out from the crowd, but that can be at the expense of function. If you decide to have an extra wide rim, for example, you will have to purchase new tires that fit those exact specifications. While you may be in love with a style, make sure it fits the rest of your tire and wheel equipment so you aren’t without a vehicle for a long time.

There are, of course, other factors to keep in mind when buying new rims and wheels for your car, motorcycle, or truck. However, keeping these two criteria in mind will help you make a smart decision rather than a hasty one and prevent you from getting stuck with new wall ornaments instead of rims.

Here at HH Rims, wheels, tires, and rims are our namesake. When you’re in the market for new automotive accessories, lift kits, replacement wheels, or are looking for a customized option for your favorite classic ride, trust our team to find exactly what you need. Shop our wide selection or get in touch if you have any questions and see what makes HH Rims the best in the race!